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How to read a burning candle flame. Moving Flame Candles

In money work, this has deep debt or financial wounds such as bankruptcy. This is why as Rootworkers Ho last the whole story of the client. If the soot barely makes it to the plumber, the cleanse was successful. To the left, changes in relations to past events. That is why as Rootworkers we need the whole story of the client. This is why as Rootworkers we need the whole story of the client.

Finish it, do some uncrossing and protection canele then try again. This sign can indicate that the spirits have heard your petition and flwme. removed the negative or opposing forces from its path. This is a great sign in uncrossing work. If the soot barely makes it to the middle, the cleanse was successful. If it goes the full length of the candle, you may need to run the candle. You mostly see this when you have someone else backing up your work. If the soot turns another color during the burn, then one aspect is overriding the other. Whichever color is on top is the one that was undone.

If the black is on top, the spirits have cleared the negative forces; If the white is on top, then the spirits of the target have blocked your attempt. This usually happens when you try to half-ass the work without resd preparation or divination. More divination or another method may be needed. This could be the spirits that bufning protecting your target, someone who is Movong against you, or that some other force is interfering. Also take into account: This shows that the fflame. is not balanced right with the goal or that the work will not be successful.

Watch the rest of the signs to interpret of this is good or bad. If the candle cracks and smokes, it is the target. If it cracks and flickers, it is the spirits conversing over the work. To determine the type of conversing, canlde or bad, continue to interpret other signs. Cracking flames also fortell that a storm is coming. This is the same if you blow it out, but the flame comes back. If need be, ask permission and try again. The same is said for large flames that are aggressive and make long strokes. Most of the time, the darker spirits do this to the flame.

May require a cleansing, uncrossing etc. Flame goes out before the work is done. This happens for two reasons: That relationship is already determined to fail again and again. Or if the working is to make someone dream of you, this may happen while the work is being done. I love daytime naps. This is why as Rootworkers we need the whole story of the client. Curling Wic — This can be caused by a multitude of things: Almost every candle will leave wax behind. This tells that the work will reveal strong emotions or traumas and that healing is needed before further progression can occur. This may be the emotional state of someone else who may have an impact on the work. The meaning differs depending on the work: In love work, this may mean past pains or trauma, etc.

Petals or tongues of wax represent actions and events. If the petals seem to swirl in a clockwise direction then the events will be beneficial in manifesting the results. If the petals go to the left and right, overlapping each other, this may mean that past and future events may not happen for this work in the best way. These mean that someone will cry or be pained in regards to the work before the work is complete. Fallouts — this is when the candle burns lopsided or only one side of the candle burns down, leaving half the candle untouched by the flame.

Candle Watching: reading and interpreting the signs

Physical actions will need to be taken to further create a potential environment for the working to manifest. Prepare for its manifestation. Flows on the right, How to read a burning candle flame. Moving Flame Candles change of future events, mostly for the success of the work. To the left, changes in relations to past events. This could be property, health, money etc. Clockwise flows bring something to the client, while counter-clockwise is taking something away. Counter-clockwise would be a good sign in break up work or cleansings, while a clockwise flow is great for prosperity or love workings. These show obstacles that need to be over-come. While mountains represent obstacles that need to be overcome, hooks represent deep issues pertaining to the work.

In love work, this means past abuse getting in the way of the goal of the job. In money work, this shows deep debt or financial wounds such as bankruptcy. In baneful work on a target, this is good. The flame may flicker or smoke a bit at first, but once the process is stabilized, the flame will burn cleanly and steadily in a quiet teardrop shape, giving off carbon dioxide and water vapor. A quietly burning candle flame is a very efficient combustion machine. The wisp of smoke you sometimes see when a candle flickers is actually caused by unburned soot particles that have escaped from the flame due to incomplete combustion.

Above that is a small dark orange-brown section, and above that is the large yellow region that we associate with candle flames. The oxygen-rich blue zone is where the hydrocarbon molecules vaporize and start to break apart into hydrogen and carbon atoms. The hydrogen is the first to separate here and reacts with the oxygen to form water vapor. Some of the carbon burns here to form carbon dioxide. This is where the various forms of carbon continue to break down and small, hardened carbon particles start to form. As they rise, along with the water vapor and carbon dioxide created in the blue zone, they are heated to approximately degrees Centigrade.

At the bottom of the yellow zone, the formation of the carbon soot particles increases. As they rise, they continue to heat until they ignite to incandescence and emit the full spectrum of visible light. Because the yellow portion of the spectrum is the most dominant when the carbon ignites, the human eye perceives the flame as yellowish. The fourth zone of the candle sometimes call the veil is the faint outside blue edge that extends from the blue zone at the base of the flame and up the sides of the flame cone. It is blue because it directly meets with the oxygen of the air, and is the hottest part of the flame, typically reaching o C o F.

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